Peterborough, ON


Junior Afterschool

Junior Afterschool

In Junior After School we create freely with an endless supply of materials and loose parts.  Children express themselves by combining building, crafting, and sensory materials with the their favourite characters and stories in the most imaginative play.


In Junior After-School we launch ourselves into projects and activities that inspire the children to create, investigate and be social.  Our room works in balance of high energy games and cozy drawing and reading.  The children respect our classroom, sharing in the caretaking of our room and each other.  Teachers lead by example, problem solving and building relationships every day.

As educators in an after-school program we promise to welcome children home after a long day at school; to listen, learn, and expand on the children’s thoughts and needs, and provide a safe and comforting environment where we can share love and lots of laughs.

Meet the Educators

Erin Burke

I am a registered Social Worker who is passionate for the well-being of children in our community.

A naturalist at heart, I strive to help children find a deeper connection with the natural world.  I engage with and learn about the children in my care through the telling of stories; both real and imagined.

Nicole Patton

I am a registered Early Childhood Educator in the Junior After School at Strath-Maclean.  I have worked in the childcare field for 12 years and have been an RECE for 9 years since graduating from Fleming in 2013.

I believe children learn through exploration and curiosity in play. I thoroughly enjoy observing how their imaginations work and the ideas they explore with loose parts!